Ohio South Youth Soccer

2019-20 Season Notes

(Last updated 7/5/19)

By now, those of you who are now in Year Two with Stack/U.S. Soccer Connect should be familiar enough with the system to understand what you need to do. If you are looking for assistance getting started, please visit the Help menu above.

Ohio South has elected to have your 2019-20 Events set up in your system - likely the last year this will occur. These have been added to most league and club Stack systems already. For those of you who wish to use the tryout feature, you may go into an event and toggle it on, or you may opt to create a new event using the official State forms that now exist in your Form Builder. These forms satisfy the Lindsay's Law, Concussion and SafeSport requirements and must be used in any event you create yourself where you will be reporting to an Ohio South league for carding.

Here are a few important notes for the 2019-20 Season, which officially begins August 1, 2019;

NCSI Background Checks (starting July 9) (NEW): Click here to view the email if you are a competitive club director, admin or otherwise. Click here to view the email if you are involved with a Recreational league.

Click here for instructions.

SafeSport (aka Safe Soccer) (NEW): Click here to view the email on SafeSport in Stack. Click here to go straight to the instructions.

Add New Categories to Existing Event (NEW): Click here for instructions.

Returning Registration: Players and coaches will need to register to the new 2019-20 seasonal event in your system in order to get carded for the 2019-20 season. It is very important that your parents and coaches register for 2019-20 using the same account they set up in 2018-19. This will allow the basic information (name, address, DOB, gender, Age/ID verification status, background check status) to carry over for carding. Parents and coaches who do not use the same account will either have to register again using their 2018-19 account or start completely fresh.

We know that a big issue will be the recovery of the account login information. Leagues and clubs should advise parents to contact Stack Support for help recovering login info (866-892-0777, M-F 8am-8pm). If league or club admins so desire, they may assist with this as well - the account email for any parent under which they registered their child can be found by opening the player's profile. It is the first email you will see next to the photo and underneath the phone number. Parents or coaches can then use the Forgot Password function using this email to get into their account.

League/club admins are strongly advised against manually moving any player or coach from a 2018-19 event into a 2019-20 event, as this will not satisfy the requirements for said player or coach regarding Lindsay's Law, Concussion Law or SafeSport.

Photos: Parents and coaches are required to upload a current photo taken within the last 6 months for their 2019-20 player card.

Open An Existing Registration: The 2019-20 events that Ohio South had placed in your systems are not open. You will need to do this. Here's how. **Note that the existing Register Now buttons on your .osysalive site are pointing toward your 18/19 events, not 19/20!

Confirmation Email/Success Page: Leagues/clubs have the ability to edit the confirmation email and/or success page at any time. The success page is the last page of registration, and exists to let parents and coaches know when registration is complete. You may add whatever information you would like to them.

To edit the Confirmation Email/Success Page, select the event, then click the Registrants or Coach/Volunteer tab. You will see a bold header called Confirmation Email/Success Page. Click the blue Edit button parallel with this to make your edits.

Forms: A question was recently raised regarding adding to the forms used to create your event. Yes, leagues and clubs may add their own questions to the form (Registration > Administration > Form Builder). You should not remove any fields from the official Ohio South forms, as this could effect the mapping of signatures needed to remain in compliance.

Payment Plans: If you opt to collect fees through Stack, note that there is a fee collected by Stack with the use of Payment Plans, which is $2 per transaction for any player on a payment plan.

Coach Pool: In your event, you will see something called the Coach Pool. This allows your coaches to register once to one place and be assigned by the league or club (you) to multiple teams. We strongly advise against removing this in your event, as you will be creating more work for yourself if you do.

Enable Registration Notifications: Please visit this document to enable for player and/or coach.

Don't forget to reference the checklist below (also emailed to you) for guidance!


We have put together the following checklist in an effort to help guide you through summer to the start of the Fall season;

! - Please note that if it does not state 'from Ohio South', this is an item we are recommending you carry out.

✔ Official 2019-20 Ohio South events added to every member system (Competitive, Recreational, TOPSoccer)
✔ Risk Management/SafeSport email (view here)

✔ 2019-20 Season Update email
Stack Training (recommended) | Cincinnati (4/23) // Dayton (4/24) // Columbus (4/25)

How SafeSport Will Work in Stack email (from Ohio South)
Verify that the official Ohio South 2019-20 events exist in your league/club system
Visit the new Stack Sports User Guide
Remove any unnecessary 2019-20 events (optional)*
Remove any unnecessary categories (age groups) from 2019-20 events (optional)**
Add any new staff or admins as a User in the system (optional)^
Remind parents and coaches to register for 2019-20 using the same 2018-19 account
Remind parents and coaches to upload a current (within 6 mo.) photo
Open all categories (age groups) for registration (required)***
Add the Register Now buttons for coach and player to your .osysalive site via the Website Builder (required)
- Tryouts may occur on or after May 28

June - August
Notify all coaches & board members (required), as well as all league/club staff or admins, trainers and team managers (strongly recommended) of need to complete SafeSport training
Begin construction of 2019-20 teams at appropriate age groups via Add Team button
Begin affiliation/activation and registration of competitive teams to leagues

*This is done by selecting the unwanted event in the blue column on the left, then going to Edit > Delete Folder/Team. Note that any event that a player or coach has already registered to cannot be removed, even if it's just a single registration.

**This is done by selecting the unwanted category (age group) in the blue column on the left, then going to Edit > Delete Folder/Team. Note that any category that a player has already registered to cannot be removed, even if it's just a single registration.

^This is done by selecting the event or folder that you want to add this person to and going to Admin > Users. When you reach this page, it defaults to adding a new user. Fill out the required information and underneath the 'Create' button, select the permissions you desire them to have. Note that the new user will only be able to see your selected folder and anything below it, so if you want to grant them access to your entire system you should select the topmost level in the left column, denoted by a shield icon and your league/club name.

***If you intend to use the event that was placed in your system, you will need to open all the categories for registration.To do this;

  1. Select the event.
  2. Click the Registrants tab.
  3. Find and select the blue Edit Individual Categories button.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and select the blue Open All Categories button. Hit OK.