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    This form is only to be used by ODP Coaches/Admins, Coaching License Instructors and Camp Coaches.

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Ohio South Program Specific Background Checks

This page contains information relating specifically to background checks run for ODP Coaches/Admins, Coaching License Instructors and Camp Coaches.

If you do not fit in any of those categories and are here by error, please click the Directory at the top to find the appropriate registration page for your league or club. This is not a registration. Coaches and players must register through their league or club specific site in order to be assigned to a team.

For ODP Coaches/Admins, Coaching Instructors and Camp Coaches only;

Please click the 'Register Now' button with the green checkmark to the left to run your background check.

If you have already undergone a coach registration for your league or club, please use the same account information when you log in at this form so that the information will sync.

Referees should complete their risk check at the 'Register Now' button here: OSSRC.