Ohio South Youth Soccer

General FAQs
Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions that will be updated regularly to help membership obtain important information.
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What is the fee to play in Ohio South Youth Soccer?

The Ohio South Board of Directors confirmed that the fee for the 2018/19 playing season moving forward will be $18 per competitive player. The competitive coach fee will be reduced to $0. The per player fee for recreation will remain $5.

Are the OSYSA Membership, Medical Release and Lindsay's Law forms required?

The membership, medical release and Lindsay's Law forms are now done electronically through registration. Parents, coaches, and club administrators will be able to print the medical release with the fields pre-filled from what was entered during registration around the beginning of August.

If needed prior to completion of the mapping of signatures, the forms can be printed now, but will need to be physically signed by parents/players.

What is the minimum required use of the US Soccer Connect system?

All travel players and coaches must be entered and registered through US Soccer Connect. A photo and proof of birth upload is mandatory for each player. There are several entry methods available, with the best being via your Family Account that is created during registration. You can login to your Family Account by clicking the Member Login button towards the top right of you club's registration portal.

All rec and travel coaches are required to obtain a background check through Ohio South. This involves registering online via the club or league (if Rec) portal to complete a required background check. Our member leagues will then approve you to coach upon a valid photo and concussion certificate.

Background checks are done on a continual basis and are valid for 2 years. Online registration is required to obtain coach permission to run background check.

Message to League Presidents

In response to a member request, Stack Sports will have a Spanish speaking representative to assist those clubs that desire such a resource. Clubs are asked to call into the help line (866.892.0777) and mention that they are an Ohio South club needing assistance from someone who can speak Spanish.