Ohio South Youth Soccer

Governors Cup * Pending Status means payment has not been received. Application and Payment are due in the OSYSA Office by January 9th.

Approved and Pending Teams

Team Category Approval
CUSA B08 Gold U-11 (2008) Boys (9v9) Approved
Elite FC 2008 boys blue 2 U-11 (2008) Boys (9v9) Approved
GCKA BU11 Blue Knights U-11 (2008) Boys (9v9) Approved
Warrior SC 08 White U-11 (2008) Boys (9v9) Approved
CUSA B07 Gold U-12 (2007) Boys (9v9) Approved
Kolping B07 Orange Stingrays U-12 (2007) Boys (9v9) Approved
Olentangy United U12B Orange U-12 (2007) Boys (9v9) Approved
Star Force U-12 (2007) Boys (9v9) Approved
TFA B07 Premier U-12 (2007) Boys (9v9) Approved
Cincinnati United SE Elite U-13 (2006) Boys Approved
Kolping B06 Black Stingrays U-13 (2006) Boys Approved
Warrior 06 White U-13 (2006) Boys Approved
Zanesville Arsenal SC U13 Boys U-13 (2006) Boys Approved
COE U13G Blue U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
Elite FC 06G White U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
Express 2006 Girls White U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
Impact GFC Blue 2006 U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
Lady Warrior 06 Red U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
Lady Warrior 06 White U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
Star Bolton Wanderers U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
TFA G06 Gold U-13 (2006) Girls Approved
CUSE B05 Arsenal U-14 (2005) Boys Approved
Kolping Legion SV U-14 (2005) Boys Approved
Olentangy United U14B Orange U-14 (2005) Boys Approved
PFC Extreme U14 Boys U-14 (2005) Boys Approved
Warrior 05 White U-14 (2005) Boys Approved
Alliance Cincinnati Premier G05 U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
COE U14G Blue U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
CUSE 05G Elite 2 U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
CWSC Academy Red 05 U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
First Capital FC 05 G U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
Northwest FC 2005G Blue U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
TFA G05 Gold U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
Wapak 06/05 Ladies U-14 (2005) Girls Approved
Alliance Cincinnati SC Premier BU15 U-15 (2004) Boys Approved
CUSA B04 Gold U-15 (2004) Boys Approved
CUSE B04 Arsenal U-15 (2004) Boys Approved
First Capital FC 04 Boys U-15 (2004) Boys Approved
Olentangy United U15B Orange U-15 (2004) Boys Approved
Arsenal u15 Girls U-15 (2004) Girls Approved
F.C. United G04 Red U-15 (2004) Girls Approved
NWFC Orange U-15 (2004) Girls Approved
Warrior 04 Red U-15 (2004) Girls Approved
Champaign Dynamo B03 U-16 (2003) Boys Approved
First Capital FC 03 Boys U-16 (2003) Boys Approved
Olentangy United FC U16B Blue U-16 (2003) Boys Approved
Olentangy United U16B Orange U-16 (2003) Boys Approved
FC United Black 2003 U-16 (2003) Girls Approved
First Capital FC 03 G White U-16 (2003) Girls Approved
Lady Warrior 03 White U-16 (2003) Girls Approved
Zanesville Arsenal SC U-16 (2003) Girls Approved