Ohio South Youth Soccer

Coach FAQ's

SafeSport Training Instructions

Required training as of Fall 2019 for all coaches, board members of leagues and clubs, soccer trainers, club administrators, team administrators, team managers, tournament organizers, athletic trainers and organizational employees who may have the opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to minors.

Click here for PDF instructions to take in Stack (done at your league or club Stack system).

What information is required to complete a Background check?

To complete a background check, all coaches must register online in order to agree to the background check authorization and disclusre. This registration will include any required data fields needed by your State Association or Club/League, and require a Social Security number and electronic signature.

What happens if I coach multiple teams in the same club or teams in other clubs?

If you coach multiple teams in the same club, you will only need to register once and use the same login each time.

You will select the Coach Pool category during your online registration (for both clubs) which will allow your administrator to assign you to multiple teams. If you are coaching in multiple clubs, you will need to register with each club. However, your background check application and approval will carry over regardless of where you register.

Where do I go to register for my league/club as a coach so I can be background checked?

Every league and club in Ohio South has been given a custom webpage where a registration link is posted. It follows this format: "yourclub".osysalive.com. To find your league or club site, please click the Directory link on the top menu above and use the URL in the middle column that correlates to your league/club.

When you arrive to the page, you should see several 'Register Now' buttons with a green checkmark. Select the one that is designated for coaches.

You will be asked to set up an account and select the Coach Pool or age group you're coaching in. You will then fill out a registration form. Next, if your club has opened waivers, that will follow your completion of the registration form. Following waivers will be a Confirm Payment page - even if your league or club is not collecting fees, you need to continue through this page. Otherwise, your registration will not be confirmed. Following this, you should reach the Confirmation page and can continue to your Member Login (aka Family Account).

How long will it take for background checks to be cleared?

Please be patient as we have a lot of checks to move though.

Ohio South Youth Soccer typically conducts background checks on coaches after they register. The results of the review can be any of the following:

  • Background cleared, verified and processed immediately
  • Require additional review for verification
  • Return with a flag that requires further investigation by Ohio South Youth Soccer to determine eligibility requirements based on the results

The background check process can take one day or up to several weeks depending on the results of the review. Clubs can assign a coach to a team once he/she has been cleared.

What uploads are required for coaches?

The only required uploads for coaches are their Photo and Concussion Certificate.

Abuse Prevention is where you will complete the required SafeSport training.

The Safety Certificate is not required.

Clubs do not need to collect concussion forms separately.

Do I need to turn background checks on in my club system?

No. Background checks are handled by Ohio South Youth Soccer. Select 'No' on the setting 'Use Instant Background Checks' during your coach event creation. Select "share data" so that the information flows to Ohio South Youth Soccer's system.

What company is doing the background checks for OSYSA?

Ohio South has switched to the Gold Standard check through NSCI starting in the 2019-20 Season.

What if I have an older licence (paper) and no U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) account?

Here's the process for uploading your license if you have already completed a course.

If you don't have a paper or digital copy of your license, you will need it for the date it was assigned and the license number. If you have a copy of your license you can skip Step 1.

Here's the process to getting a copy of your license if needed:

- Go to https://osysa.affinitysoccer.com/reg/index.asp...

- Type in your username and password (if you don't remember what they are then go through the steps provided on the site to remind you what they are).

- Once you're in the site, go to the section in the middle of the page labeled "Family Members" and you should see a blank card with your name above and some options below. Click on "print documents".

- It should redirect you to another page. Once on that page, click the "license management cert." link. You obviously don't have to print the license, but a copy should pop up on your screen. Write down the "Issue Date", "License Number", and what license it is.

Once you've completed all of that, you'll have to now input that data into the Digital Coaching Center:

- Go to https://dcc.ussoccer.com/

- Create an account using the same email address that you used for the new US Soccer Stack System. This is extremely important!!

- Once you create your account, go to your profile page. Scroll down until you see the section labeled "U.S. Soccer Coaching License". There you will have to input the license information that you should have from what you just pulled/your license copy.

- After doing this it should say "License verification pending" in red inside the license section.

It will take 1-2 days to show in system.

Do we need two seperate accounts if I have a child that will be registering for the same club or league?

No. The simplicity of US Soccer Connect allows a family to have a single account to manage and still be able to register to both player and coach events for all family members.

Do coaches and team admins have the ability to print medical releases/player forms?

Yes, as long as your club administrator has enabled Team Connect for your team(s). You can print medical releases and player forms from the Roster tab inside Team Connect.